15° F, Flurries, and 5 QSOs: W3/WE-007

Summit: W3/WE-007 (Lambs Knoll) – 4 points (+3)
Date: 2017 01 07 (Sat.), ca 15.20Z
Weather: cold (15° F), overcast, flurries, snow on ground
Difficulty: easy, 5 mins up.
Equipment: HB-1B; small magnetic loop
Log: 5 qso’s
Bands: 40m; cw
Cell (TH/Summit): ++/++

Between assignments overseas, briefly at home, with a free Saturday morning, and eager to try out my new SMLoop in the field, I decided to do a quick activation of Lambs Knoll – W3/WE-007. Front door (in downtown DC) to summit in 75 minutes.

The summit is easily accessible. I drove to a gated entrance at the top of the hill. There are two such gates across the road. The one to the left can be walked around to get to the summit. I walked a couple hundred yards up a paved road which leads to a small parking lot near several large radio towers. One set of towers is used by state and local offices; the other, by the FAA. During the Cold War the facilities were intended to assist in an evacuation of Washington.The surrounding area is a “managed hunting area,” and I bumped into a couple hunters in my brief time on the summit. The views from the top are unremarkable. lambsknoll

The weather was cold, overcast, and with flurries. A couple inches of snow lay on the ground. I set up the loop against the branches of a small trees, brushed the snow off a near-by boulder to work from, and got to business. I started on 40m. There was no pile-up to speak of. I tried 20m but was getting too cold, so stopped where I was.

The reports (both QSOs and RBN) on the SML were roughly the same as those I get with the EF-W3EDP. I look forward to better weather and longer tests; in the meantime it’s earned a place in my luggage as I head off to Germany.


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