Mapping 2016’s QSOs

Playing with Log4OM, I figured out how to isolate qso’s by band, date range, and mode and plot them accordingly on Google Earth. I learned something about propagation, or rather I could see that with a years worth of data collected, my qso experience correlates to the principles of propagation by band I read about.img_2049-001

  • I had 426 cw qso’s on five hf bands last year
    • 22 on 80M
    • 117 on 40M
    • 48 on 30M
    • 143 on 20M
    • 78 on 17M
  • Though often I operate from multiple qth’s, for all of these my qth was in the District of Columbia, the northern-western half of Virginia or eastern Maryland. For 95% of the qso’s I operated in a triangle with angles roughly at Pittsburgh, DC, and Charlottesville, VA.
    • Generality verified: the longer the wave length, the closer the qso’s.
    • There are multiple exceptions – like the qso to Madagascar on 80M.
  • The qso’s were split nearly 50/50 between qrp and 100W.
    • qrp is disproportionately high on 20M and 40M because of my SOTA-activating.

Here they are listed in increasing frequency of band. What you can see are North America and Europe, which is where nearly all of my contacts have been.

Any other observations?

80 Meters


40 Meters


30 Meters


20 Meters


17 Meters



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