Danke schön and Auf Wiedersehen, SOTA/Europe

My six-month research residence in Germany is coming to a close, and I return shortly to the USA. I want to say thanks and good-bye to the Euro-SOTAns who have made my SOTA activations such an enjoyable diversion from my indoor, work-a-day activities. I hadn’t done that much SOTA before coming here, and I’ve learned a lot about activating while here.

OE/VB-511, Eichenberger Hochberg

Thanks first and foremost to the chasers (292 OMs and 910 qso’s) for your diligence and patience. My top ten chasers are, at the moment, all European hams. The one at the top is surely known to every CW activator over here, SP9AMH (62 qso’s). I am especially proud of VK and ZL qso’s on 30m at 5W from FL/VO-093 as part of its very first activation.

SOTA FL/VO-093 Le Stauffen
SOTA FL/VO-093 Le Stauffen

I’d also like to single out for thanks DJ5AV, who within a few minutes of meeting me at a hamfest in March proposed a joint activation, my first. Little did I realize at the time what an accomplished chaser he also is. The following week we together activated two summits near Friedrichshafen: one fell into the category of fun-at-the-time and fun-to-talk-about-later (DM/BW-348); the other, not fun-at-the-time (too much bushwacking), but definitely fun-to-talk-about-later (all that bushwacking!) (DM/BW-850). The venture was a great example of the comradery and hospitality that make the hobby, and SOTA in particular, so enjoyable.

Speaking of Friedrichshafen, I regret departing before the acclaimed hamfest there. Konstanz, where I’ve been living, is on the other side of the lake from Friedrichshafen. For travelers through the area (then or whenever) I have posted info online regarding activation possibilities:

DM/BW-640, Blößling

The DM/BW region is rich with high-point summits requiring less than an hour of upward hiking; some trailheads are conveniently accessible by public transportation. I relied a lot on (and heartily recommend) the HB9CZF website, which includes the basics on parking, TH’s, and hiking times for many DM/BW summits. I have sometimes supplemented it (a) on the individual summit webpages and (b) on my own webpage if the local summit is easily accessible via public transportation.

For folks travelling through Alsace, I have posted TH and hiking info on 16 summits in the FL/VO region.

Now it’s back home to W3-land for me, where my regular life offers fewer free weekends and the summits are more distant from home. I will miss the fun here.

To SOTA/Europe: Danke. Berg Heil. Auf Wiederhören. 73.


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